Be Better Connected

Take advantage of our expertise in technology and communications to help you lower costs, improve functionality and safely stay connected to what matters at home or the office.

We deploy smarter, creative options for your technology landscape

On-time and on-budget. Our service is legendary.

Meet the most cost-effective phone systems, period!

And this is why...

  • Low Energy

    Say goodbye to high electricity bills and hello to savings. Packed with features, you will be delighted at the capabilities you can bring to your home or office.

  • Plays well with others

    Your PBX allows you to work with any standard SIP phone to bring you high-definition voice and video. This means you have greater control over your choices of phones and budget.

  • Ultimate Mobility

    Use your tablet or smartphone as a remote extension, or "cordless phone" for your phone system with a free application that integrates with it. This provides the added flexibility to marry your WiFi with your landline.


More than 30+ features!!

  • Fast Disaster Recovery

    Have the peace of mind of knowing that if disaster strikes, you can be up and running in an hour or two, as opposed to weeks with other branded systems. 

  • Integrates with your web browser

    This is a fully modern experience. Harness your favourite web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari to integrate with your phone system for a personal, dedicated, communications workspace.

  • Low Cost Long Distance

    Call overseas at vastly reduced rates with the low cost calling facility fro TelecommsPlus which comes with every PBX sold. Make and receive calls like you were in your favourite country*.

Integrated security options for your technology landscape

Let us show you how to boost security using your phone system.

Video Door Phone Kit

Improve security and show the video feed from your front gate or office doors on your video phone or mobile, smart device. Have the system capture images of your visitors and email them to you.  Use any one our phone systems and open the door from every phone in the home or business.  Works well with mortorized gates and doors with electronic locks.


IP Phones

Equip your home or business with the phone that best suits the task. Explore our range of phones that go from basic to cordless to executive and cutting edge video models. Mix and match models to suit your purpose. 

Reliable, easy-to-use solutions for your technology landscape

Let us show you our options for low-cost long-distance for homes and small business.

Join everyone taking their savings on the go with VoiceLine Mobile


The Minimax

For over ten years, our most popular option for low-cost long distance with homes and business throughout the Caribbean.

  • Rock bottom calling rates
  • Make two simultaneous calls
  • Free voicemail
  • Free call forwarding
  • Free call blocking
  • Optional Caller ID

Save Money. Communicate Better. worry less.

Let us show you how to boost connectivity, cut costs and improve your cyber security profile.

What We Do For You

White Glove Service

Take advantage of our troubleshooting prowess and problem solving savvy whilst holding your hand to ensure a customized customer service experience.

Phone Bill Audit

Lowering the costs of communications is a vital part of any business’ operations strategy. We offer audits of your phone bill from the phone company and ensure that what you are getting is what you need.

Network Architecture and Development

We are your go-to people whether you are renovating your network or a start up business needing advice on what specific technologies you need to reach your goals or vision. We have the capacity to get you from pole to the network cabinet. A one-stop shop.

PBX Support Agreements

We offer 24/7 monitoring  that allows us to be proactive in making sure your environment is rock solid and continues to perform. Plus, if disaster strikes our backup service will get you running again.

Fortinet firewall setup

Secure your home or business against cyber threats. Have a platform to securely branch out to satellite locations and accommodate workers that need secure remote access to sensitive company data.

Whole Premises WiFi Planning and Installation

A free site survey is all it takes for you to discover what you need to give your place full wifi that roams with you from room to room without breaks.

SIP Trunk Implementation

Boost your business’ productivity by increasing your phone line capacity. Also lower your operating costs by utilizing a SIP trunk service from our partners in Barbados and abroad. 

Message On Hold Recordings

Leverage the time your customer spends on hold by informing them of your services or products. We have decades of broadcast experience and the voices to professionally represent your company image. All done remotely in most cases.

High Definition, Low-Cost Long Distance Calling Experts

For twenty years, heads of households and industry have come to rely on our expert advice and solutions to help them lower the cost of communications without lowering the quality.

Customers ❤ the savings and after-sales service

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How to check your your call details

Be sure to have your Appliance Account Number and PIN on hand (if you're a TelecommsPlus customer, contact us if you can't find yours).

You'll need to insert the Account number (10 digits) and PIN (four digits) to get access to details of your calls, including call dates, times of day, countries and numbers called, duration and cost of calls, total amount spent and current account balance.

Then just click here, enter the Account Number and PIN and do your search.

What kind of phone number can I have with my service?

 You can choose a U.S. local or toll-free number or a U.K toll-free number. You can also have a Canadian number.

What are your international rates?

There are different calling plans available, all of which have different calling rates. Please contact us for more information

What happens when I make calls outside of a calling plan?

If you have a monthly calling plan, you can make calls to any location not included in your plan. If you make such a call and have minutes remaining in your monthly plan, the call will be deducted from those minutes. If you have already used all of your monthly minutes, the cost of the call will be deducted from your cash balance. If you have a pay-as-you-go plan, there are no out-of-plan destinations. You will be charged per-minute rates for all of your calls, and the cost will be deducted from your cash balance.

How many monthly inbound minutes are included with a toll-free phone number?

 If you have a monthly calling plan with a toll-free number, each month you will receive a credit that is applied toward inbound calls. Once this credit is used, you will be charged a per-minute rate for inbound calls. Any unused amount of this credit does not rollover to the next month.